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About Us

We help you automate your eCommerce Returns

Commerce Returns is built for any business which engages in any form of commerce. From eCommerce Returns to traditional in-store returns, Commerce Returns provides businesses the infrastructure to automate their returns in a cost-effective manner.

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Why Us

We are a tight knit group of friends with a long history of working in tech and the supply chain industry. Our technical skills and business knowledge enables us to scale and develop our product faster than most software vendors.

Visit our site regularly and see us grow and improve!


What We Do

Our product is best referred to as eCommerce Returns Software. Other common industry names are eCommerce Returns Portal, Returns Portal, or Online Order Return Automation.


Supported Integrations

eCommerce Platforms

We support private app connectivity with your Shopify store. Contact Us to find out how to get started.

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Custom Enterprise Integrations

For custom integrations we can integrate with any API or sFTP data needing integration. Contact Us to find out how to get started.

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The Features

Self Serve Return Labels

Your customer's interact with our self serve returns portal and use it to create return shipping labels, as well as any other applicable returns documents such as a commercial invoice for international returns.

Return Fees

Build in your business rules for any applicable return fees. Deduct this amount from the refund total.

While many merchants may think that customer returns shipping labels have to always be provided free of charge, the reality is not always so. Lets take a look at Amazon for example. At Amazon returns are only free if there was an issue with the item or item description, otherwise the customer is typically charged a return fee.


Customize the return portal with your company logo, contact information, and select up to 3 colours for your design. Commerce-Returns serves as an extension of your eCommerce website, so the look and feel of our Returns Portal is configurable to match your brand.

Refund Options

Your customers can opt for either a Store Credit, Exchange, or Refund. Our portal can be customized to show all 3 options, or just the options you would like to offer. Each option can be setup to have a particular fee associated with it. Return fees can be set from a country level, down to the individual zip / postal code level. You have full control of how granular you want to go.

Return Inventory Management

Know what inventory is coming back to you and why, use this information to make any adjustments to reduce returns. For example, if you see that there is a spike in returns stemming from your customers Receiving the Wrong Item, you can make appropriate changes and reduce your returns.

Shipping Carrier Assignment

Pre-assign Shipping Carriers from the Country level, down to the individual character of the zip / postal code. You decide how granular you want to go.

Do you find that FedEx is most economical for your business in certain cities, while UPS is more economical in other areas? Set these defaults in our software and let the application automate carrier selection.

Choose from the below list of integrated shipping carriers

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Return Location Assignment

Pre-assign where packages are to be returned to from the Country level, down to the individual character of the zip / postal code. You decide how granular you want to go.

International Returns

Increase your global reach by enabling International Returns. Simply pass to us the applicable commodity information like HS Codes and our Software will generate the appropriate paperwork.

In-Store Returns

Do you have brick-and-mortar stores that can accept eCommerce Returns? Great, we can show that as an option too. Simply provide the list of your locations, and our software will show the nearest store to each individual customer.

Non Sequential RMA Numbers

Keep your number of returns secret. Commerce Returns issues unique non-sequential RMA numbers for each processed return.

Mobile and Desktop friendly

Our application renders beautifully on both your cellphone, and on your desktop.

Drop-off Locations

Prior to confirming a return a customer is shown a map of their closest drop off locations.

Guide your customers to their:

  1. closest parcel drop off location, or
  2. closest retail location (if applicable).