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eCommerce Returns Software
What is it and why does your business need it?

By Commerce Returns

Published on June 7, 2021 - 3 Min Read

What is eCommerce Returns Software?

eCommerce Returns Software integrates with your online store, and provides your customers with multiple automated return options.

For starters, at the very least eCommerce Returns Software Should perform the following two basic functions:

  1. Integrate with your online store.
  2. Generate Self Serve Return Labels.

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eCommerce Returns Software Basic Functions

Why do you need Returns Software?

95% of customers who are satisfied with a retailer’s returns process say they’ll purchase with that retailer again.

Your online returns customer experience / journey is the flip side of your online purchase customer experience / journey. You need to nail both to maximize your store's potential.

Automating your online returns not only reduces the cost of processing returns, but also encourages consumers to commit to their online purchase.

Other driving factors for wanting to implement eCommerce Returns software include:

  1. Customers prefer shopping from a store that provides an easy to use return by mail process.
  2. eCommerce shopping is growing at a rapid pace, so are returns volumes.
    • An Inefficient return process will take even more time away from your staff, and cause even more customer frustration than it already does.

Consumers who are Satisfied Statistic

What are the benefits?

  1. Reduce your shopping cart abandonment.
    • Prior to checking out customers check to see your return policy, if you do not provide return labels they are less likely to continue with their purchase.
  2. Free up time of your staff.
    • eCommerce Returns Software automates your returns process for not only your customers but also for your staff. Without it, your staff need to do all the work.
    • The more automation that you implement the more you can get back to focusing on fundaments of your business.
  3. Keep your customer's happy.
    • Customers want an easy to use and clear return process for online orders.

What to watch out for?

There are many eCommerce returns software solutions out there, with many more competitors entering every month. Before selecting a vendor, you must make sure there are no feature gaps as they pertain to your business. eCommerce Returns Software that states that they have connections with hundreds of carriers, and hundreds of online stores, rarely do any of those tasks well. We have worked with many of these vendors, and many of their software partners, so we know this first hand.

What separates Commerce Returns from our competitors is our deep knowledge of the industry, as well as our technical expertise. We have used this to build what we believe is the most complete eCommerce Returns Software on the market.

The Features

Ultimately, the right online returns solution alleviates the hurdle that returns pose for both the retailer as well as their customers.

Commerce Returns comes standard with both the basic, as well as the advanced features listed below.

Basic Features

  1. Integrate with your online store.
  2. Generate Self Serve Return Labels.
eCommerce Returns Software Basic Functions

Advanced Features

  1. Custom Branding.
  2. Fixed or Variable Return Fees.
  3. Multiple Refund Options.
  4. Return Inventory Management.
  5. Flexible Shipping Carrier Assignment.
  6. Return Location Assignment.
  7. International Returns.
  8. Non Sequential RMA Numbers.
  9. Drop off Locations Map.
eCommerce Returns Software Advanced Functions


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