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The 5 Ws of eCommerce Returns

By Commerce Returns

Published on April 6, 2021 - 2 Min Read

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has acted as an eCommerce accelerant and 2021 has brought with it the largest spike in eCommerce and eCommerce returns. With eCommerce growth accelerating, managing eCommerce returns is getting harder and harder with each passing year.

This article aims to revisit the 5 Ws of eCommerce Returns, and offer guidance to merchants looking to automate their returns process.


eCommerce Returns pose challenges to both the consumer as well as the seller.

  • From a consumer's perspective it can be a frustrating experience having to ship an eCommerce order back.
  • From a seller's perspective it can be very time consuming to help a customer create a return.


eCommerce Returns are to eCommerce what In-Person-Returns are to Traditional Retail. In both situations a customer simply wants to return their purchased product/s.


The customer wants to be able to have options of where to return their products.

  • Ship the items back to seller using the most convenient drop off location
  • or to bring the return in-person to a physical store (if applicable)


Provided that the items qualify for a return, the customer wants to be able to create a return label at any time of the day.


The reason for a return can vary, but typically they fall within a certain range of options.


The best way to handle eCommerce Returns is to use self-serve eCommerce Returns Software. Products like a self-serve returns portal not only make the customer experience more enjoyable, but they also minimize the seller's potentially time-consuming involvement in issuing returns.

Concluding Remarks

The truth is businesses that continue to rely on a mostly manual returns processes are going to get more overwhelmed as the hidden cost of online returns begin to pile on.

In order to stay competitive, businesses must adapt self-serve eCommerce Returns Software to automate the task of eCommerce returns.


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